Custom speaker installation steps & back box production

Custom speaker installation steps & back box production

Here will use Fyne Audio's FA300, FA500 custom speaker product manual to introduce the installation steps of custom speakers.
The Fyne Audio iC series speakers are designed to be equally suitable for stereo or multi-channel surround sound systems, please note that depending on the location of the main listening area. The following are typical 2 channels set in (Figure 1) and set in (Figure 2) Example of 5.1 channel.

installation steps :

1. Make sure that the stud positioning tool does not have joists after the intended position. Before cutting with a keyhole saw or similar tool, place the provided self-adhesive mounting template on the ceiling.

2. Always use high-quality speaker cables to allow sufficient length to easily install or remove speakers. Connect to the two audio rear terminals, pay attention to the polarity, the red and white terminals are connected in the wrong position, the sound will have errors.
Local building codes may require the use of low-smoke, halogen-free cables, and the installation procedure is responsible for complying with any applicable regulations.

3. To install the speaker on the ceiling, first make sure to fully rotate the 4 mounting clips inwards to clear the holes, and carefully tighten the 4 fixing screws to secure it to the ceiling.

Do not overtighten the screws to avoid twisting the speaker's molding or damaging the ceiling; do not use too much force when using a screwdriver to tighten the set screws to prevent damage.

4. Cover the loudspeaker grille on the loudspeaker and make sure the "bite" is in place.

When installing the ceiling speaker, the weight bearing capacity of the ceiling needs to be considered. Generally, the ceiling is supported by a light steel frame or wooden keel, and the load bearing capacity is limited.The ceiling speaker is generally not used as a back box. Low frequency is easy to dissipate, if the load allows, it is recommended to be a back box.
The trick to making a back box is that the back box volume must be the same, and there will be no difference when the sound comes out. (The left and right channels are the same, the multi-channel back box space of each speaker is the same)

If you do n’t make a back box, the ideal state is that the space of each speaker should be the same. You can use wood board to glue and soundproof to create the same airtight sound room space. It is easy to say, but the actual work surface may encounter the air outlet and air conditioning / Electricity, water, pipelines, etc. different practical considerations.

Two small dings for installing Fyne Audio custom speakers:

* FA301iC and FA302iC-Coaxial tweeters should be tilted to point to the center of the main listening area. To do this, firmly press the silver trim edge of the tweeter to adjust the tweeter angle to achieve the desired direction.

* The FA502iC LCR-IsoFlare speaker unit is installed in the speaker sound cavity at an angle, and should be aimed at the center of the main listening area to ensure that high-frequency sounds can be efficiently transmitted.



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