Leiyu Audio RA-6-HiFi Amplifier, the new product debut!

Leiyu Audio RA-6-HiFi Amplifier, the new product debut!

Under the epidemic, the global economy is declining, and all walks of life are severely challenged, and the entertainment industry is even more deeply affected by it. However, in this economic situation, an enterprise has bucked the trend and made impressive results. It is Hehe.

When some imported brands advertise themselves as high-power amplifiers with high-distortion, low-impedance (6Ω), and mono test methodswe do not flicker, and do real people and products: multi-channel, equal power, 8Ω actual measurement is the basis, and the company's reputation is used as a guarantee to bring you a truly extraordinary movie watching experience;

When others are still touting that the English menu is imported and the computer adjustment is advanced-we aim at the Chinese people's habits, all Chinese OSD TV menus, the system adjustment is clear at a glance.




Main functions of RA-6:
1. Microphone priority function;
2. Play pause can be controlled by mobile phone;
3. APP control function; bid farewell to the remote control;


Adopt Texas TDA7379 circuit design concept, large ring cattle copper wire transformer, small desktop fever amplifier, one-step volume adjustment, original amplification does not increase the sound dye, strong power, soft sound quality, warm, low frequency heavy, and good listening .


It's fundamental not to hang emptiness or to admire foreigners! What we want to build is a high-end audio brand belonging to the Chinese!

Panoramic sound theater, high-fidelity local music player, professional karaoke effect, smart phone APP control, Bluetooth wireless transmission... Nothing is less!


Is it so powerful? So easy to use? It's still up to you to count! May wish to contact the manufacturer to experience.





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